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UPS Testing Services – Essential before Launching New Series

Uninterruptible Power Supply, commonly called as UPS systems have become the basic need of household, building and even commercial places to keep power supply continue. There are a number of big brands in this domain focusing on energy efficiency and working dedicatedly to improve quality of the UPS systems. Before launching a new range, they focus on quality test and safety test to ensure they are safe to use, energy efficient and reliable to work. Such UPS testing services are offered by renowned and reputed labs that have BIS and other recognition and certifications to offer you certificate of quality and safety.


They are working dedicatedly to ensure a testing process to check quality. They also provide you mobile phone testing along with UPS testing services Such testing services are offered to do a series of tests that include, but not limited to lower Interface, protection from electric shock and energy hazards, provision for earthing and bonding and over current and earth fault protection in primary circuit. Stability, mechanical strength and protection against hazardous moving parts are also other tests done through UPS testing services.


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You will get quality check and testing certificate is provided to you to sell your devices in market without worrying about anything. In this way, you are free from anything and can launch your product in market without worrying about anything.


Accurate Test Solutions is NABL Accredited and BIS Recognized Lab – equipped with facilities for conducting different tests that include vibration tests, endurance tests, ingress protection tests, conditioning tests, safety tests, and function tests of equipments.


They have chosen test facilities and instruments from renowned suppliers across the globe with latest technology. High accuracy, zero tolerance and adequate least counts are some of the key points – kept on priority for the duration of testing process and UPS Testing Services.


You have to make a contact and leave rest of the work on experts working here.


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